Hey guys welcome back to my blog so I’m actually doing this video in collaboration with another youtuber her name is love meg on YouTube and I will link her video below but basically I just love her channel she is a mom and I’m assumed to be mom so I relate a lot to her she does a lot of different cleaning routine videos she has so many good cleaning tips that I need to take note on since I’m a newlywed and she also is a stay-at-home mom so I just love watching her content so definitely.

check her out and check out her video or basically doing our own interpretation of how we clean our house slash apartments fast so you guys know I live in a pretty small apartment and it is easy to clean it fast if I have it under control but I’m not going to lie and in my third trimester I am 32 weeks I believe along and it’s just so hard for me to pick things up off the floor or even just vacuum so I have Doug helping me a lot in this video so after watching

a ton of different cleaning routine videos throughout the past few months on YouTube I realized something that we actually do but we didn’t know and it’s called zone cleaning and you guys will know if you watch other people’s cleaning routines but I believe Megan doesn’t on her channel as well and it’s basically where you start room by room and completely clean an entire room first and I think this is such a helpful trick when you’re trying to clean your house fast because it just really helps you narrow your focus down and it doesn’t overwhelm you so you can basically start with a small task first so Doug and I are starting in our bedroom or basically just making our bed and like I said the beginning it’s definitely not a deep cleaning routine so this is just basically what people see and it’s an actual depiction this time of how we actually clean fast because we have people coming over right after this video so we woke up early to make sure our house looks decent so basically just cleaning off all the surfaces making sure all the dust is away and picking up any dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper so no that our bedroom is done I’m not going to be cleaning the floors while I’ll be cleaning the kitchen floor but not vacuuming per se just because I did it a few days ago and also we truly do not have time in this video to vacuum since